"Back in the Nineties, there was a rocking London indie band called Yeah. 20 years after they broke up, they've finally released their debut single, Happening. I'm still a sucker for their Beatle-fuelled melody-rich sugar-rush pop rock." - Neil McCormick

"Happening reminds me of early Byrds, that jingly jangly guitar sound, and has that Californian sun quality I so love in records. It also reminds me a bit of the youthful naive charm of Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett; think See Emily Play. So, as we emerge from this hideous lockdown, and venture into what is left of the summer, honestly, this is a mighty fine soundtrack." - Nicky Horne  

Tex Super and Mandy back stage at The Mean Fiddler, London.

Mandy, who filmed yeah's Dirty Old Man video catches Basti back stage at the  Mean Fiddler.

Paul uses his shades to good effect — this scene actually appears in the band's filthy, sordid and disgusting video Dirty Old Man.

Tex 'Elvis' Super at The Mean Fiddler sound check

Basti in his Arsenal kit. Paul's a West Ham fan. Archie is an Hamburg SV fan and Tex Super was more into sounding like a petrol station.

Bast's hands out another 'Fan of The Match' award.

Tex, Basti and Paul mucking about somewhere — God knows where!

Archie, Tex and Paul at Maxwells, Hampstead

Archie and Tex proudly present 'the yeahmobile'.

Peter 'Tex Super' Hinderthur and Paul Hodnett looking cute.

Archie Weiss on drums... and beer.

Paul with Jan Maddison who co-wrote 'Happy Now.'

yeah's debut single 'Happening' will be released on the 16th of July 2020 


The band that likes to say... yeah.

Where to listen to yeah...

The following platforms have yeah songs. To avoid any other bands called YEAH (boo hiss)          just type: 'yeah wocker'.

A geezer having a coffee....